Label-Free Assays for Drug Discovery
Label-Free Assays for Drug Discovery
SAMDI Tech Inc offers label-free high
throughput screening for biochemical
assays. We provide high quality data to
customers with fast turn-around time.
HTS of Compound Libraries
HTS of Compound Libraries
One-stop-shop from assay development to identifying
modulators of enzyme activity without cumbersome
labels. Screen your target against our diverse
100,000 small molecule library for hit discovery.
Peptide Arrays and Substrate Profiling
Peptide Arrays
and Substrate Profiling
Identify novel or optimized enzyme
substrates for your target with our
label-free peptide array service.

About SAMDI Tech

SAMDI Tech, Inc is a contract research company that offers label-free assay services for assay development, high throughput screening, and peptide substrate discovery. We use our proprietary SAMDI label-free technology to perform rapid and quantitative assays of challenging biochemical targets. SAMDI combines surface chemistry and mass spectrometry and eliminates the need for cumbersome labels such as antibodies, fluorescent labels, and radioactive labels.

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Latest news

Feb 7, 2017SAMDI Tech, Inc. and Aptuit Announce Drug Discovery Screening Partnership

Feb 6-8, 2017Visit SAMDI Tech at Booth 1351 at SLAS 2017 in Washington, DC

September 23, 2016SAMDI Tech, Inc Founder, Dr. Milan Mrksich, honored as the 2016 iBio iCON Innovator Award Recipient

June 28, 2016SAMDI Tech, Inc Names Zachary A. Gurard-Levin as Chief Scientific Officer

June 2, 2016SAMDI Tech, Inc Named a National Cancer Institute NExT Laboratory

Feb 22, 2016SAMDI Tech, Inc announces publication with Epizyme for characterizing CARM1 methyltransferase View Abstract

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