Drug Discovery

We can transfer your existing or new assay into the SAMDI format for assay development and HTS.


  • Screen your compound library or SAMDI Tech's diverse 350,000 molecule library against your target with SAMDI HTS.
  • Compound identity, rank ordering and Hill slopes in a convenient report format.
  • LC-MS of hit compounds also available.

Our 350,000 Small Molecule Library

  • Highly diverse set of compounds
  • Screen with single compounds or in pools of four or eight compounds
  • Library Statistics:

High-throughput Screening

High-throughput Screening

Representative spectra from a 100,000 compound screen of a histone deacetylase (left). A plate uniformity assay with 192 positive controls and 192 negative controls in 384 well format (right) with a Z-factor of 0.84.