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September 23, 2016SAMDI Tech, Inc Founder, Dr. Milan Mrksich, honored as the 2016 iBio iCON Innovator Award Recipient

June 28, 2016SAMDI Tech, Inc Names Zachary A. Gurard-Levin as Chief Scientific Officer

June 2, 2016SAMDI Tech, Inc Named a National Cancer Institute NExT Laboratory

Feb 22, 2016SAMDI Tech, Inc announces publication with Epizyme for characterizing CARM1 methyltransferase View Abstract

Jan 25-27, 2016Visit SAMDI Tech at Booth 455 at SLAS 2016 in San Diego, CA

Jan 5, 2016In the News: SAMDI Tech Founder Milan Mrksich and Sen. Dick Durbin Discuss Biomedical Research Funding

Jan 5, 2016SAMDI Tech, Inc Names Michael D. Scholle as Vice President of Operations and Technology

Oct 15, 2015SAMDI Tech and Exquiron Biotech AB - Recent Collaboration on Hit Discovery Project

Oct 6, 2015SAMDI Tech and Confluence Discovery Technologies Announce Partnership Agreement

July 21, 2015SAMDI Tech, Inc announces new publication in Journal of Biomolecular Screening for Assay JBS Vol 20(7) 842-848 View Abstract

Mar 26, 2015SAMDI Tech, Inc announces publication with Epizyme for Demethylase Screening View Abstract

Mar 3, 2015SAMDI Tech, Inc highlighted in IIT Newsletter View Article

Feb 8, 2015SAMDI Tech, Inc and Exquiron Announce Partnership Agreement

Feb 7-11, 2015Visit SAMDI Tech at Booth 1548 at SLAS 2015 in Washington, D.C.

Feb 4, 2015SAMDI Tech, Inc Enters Partnership Agreement with On Target Co., Ltd

Jan 27, 2015SAMDI Tech's technology chosen as one of the 2015 Journal of Laboratory Automation (JALA) Top 10

Jan 8, 2015SAMDI Tech, Inc Names Emilio Córdova as Chief Executive Officer

Oct 8-10, 2014SAMDI Tech to present at Discovery on Target 2014 in Boston, MA.

Jan 19, 2014Visit SAMDI Tech at the SLAS 2014 Conference at Booth 1536 from Jan 19-21.

Jul 15, 2013Epizyme uses SAMDI to characterize vSET histone methyltransferase activity. view

Jun 1, 2013SAMDI technology is highlighted in the TECAN Journal. view PDF

Nov 14, 2012SAMDI Tech selected to present at the Innovation AVEnew at SLAS 2013 conference.

Oct 25, 2012SAMDI Tech featured in the Oct 25th issue of the journal Nature. view PDF

Dec 15, 2011SAMDI Tech is awarded a NSF SBIR Phase IB supplemental grant for the further development of SAMDI label-free assays.

July 7, 2011SAMDI Tech begins operations in the newly renovated University Technology Park at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL.

July 1, 2011SAMDI Tech is awarded a NSF SBIR Phase I grant for the development of SAMDI label-free assays.