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SAMDI Tech, Inc. and Aptuit Announce Drug Discovery Screening Partnership

CHICAGO, IL – February 7, 2017 -- SAMDI Tech, Inc. and Aptuit, LLC are partnering to broaden their portfolio of assay development and high-throughput drug discovery services in Europe and North America. The partnership provides early-stage drug discovery researchers with access to SAMDI Tech’s unique label-free platform as well as Aptuit’s broad assay collection and lead-like library of over 400,000 compounds.

“Aptuit and SAMDI Tech complement each other’s strengths,” said SAMDI Tech CEO Emilio Córdova, Ph.D., M.B.A. “Pairing SAMDI’s innovative label-free, high-throughput assay platform with Aptuit’s large compound library means that clients can come to us for all their needs from assay development through screening and hit confirmation.”

During the discovery process, labs screen large compound libraries against biochemical targets. SAMDI Tech’s label-free assays help researchers achieve fewer rates of false positives and negatives when compared to traditional labeled techniques that use antibodies, fluorophores, and radioactivity labels. Aptuit’s compound collection is an excellent resource that is stringently filtered to include only the most lead-like compounds that comply with Lipinski rules.

Dr. Stephan Fasler, CEO of Aptuit (Switzerland) AG stated, “Aptuit’s early discovery capabilities will be enhanced through the availability of SAMDI Tech’s platform. It will be especially useful in programs with challenging drug targets that could benefit from this label-free screening approach.”

SAMDI Tech and Aptuit will appear at the 2017 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening Conference (SLAS), held February 4-8 in Washington, DC. The two companies will present at adjacent booths (SAMDI Tech: booth 1351; Aptuit: booth 1349). SAMDI Tech is sponsoring several educational sessions on advances in label-free bioanalytics, biomarkers, and diagnostics.

About SAMDI Tech, Inc
SAMDI Tech, Inc, headquartered in Chicago, IL is a contract research organization supporting discovery research. SAMDI’s pioneering technology combines surface chemistry and MALDI mass spectrometry in both 384 and 1536 format for rapid assay development, high-throughput screening, and peptide substrate discovery and supports both biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. Learn more about SAMDI Tech at

About Aptuit, LLC
Aptuit, LLC provides the most complete set of integrated early discovery to mid-phase drug development services in the pharmaceutical industry including Drug Design & Discovery, API Development and Manufacture, Solid State Chemistry, CMC, Preclinical and IND enabling GLP/GMP programs. Fully integrated drug discovery & development services are available from our facilities in the UK, Italy, and now Switzerland. Aptuit, LLC is partnered with Welsh, Carson, and Anderson & Stowe, one of the world’s leading private equity investors. For more information, please visit