SAMDI Technology

SAMDI combines Self-Assembled Monolayers and matrix-assisted laser Desorption Ionization time-of-flight to monitor biochemical activities in a label-free format. No need for antibodies, fluorescent labels, or radioactivity. Mass spectrometry is an established analytical tool in the life sciences, but has traditionally lacked the throughput required for drug discovery applications. Conventional MS protocols require a purification step prior to analysis, preventing researchers from applying this powerful technology toward high throughput screening. Our unique approach eliminates the caveats associated with label-based methods, reduces rates of false positives and negatives, shortens assay development times, and easily translates to a high-throughput format.

SAMDI Mass Spectrometry

SAMDI Mass Spectrometry

Alkyldisufides on gold (shown in blue) are packed into ordered monolayers that present ethylene glycols (Red) and a functionalized group (Green) for covalent capture of analytes. After capture, reaction components are washed away and Alkyldisulfide-analyte conjugates are desorbed and analyzed using SAMDI MS.


  • Fast and Label-free
  • Innovative biochip chemistries
  • Purify 1536 samples in seconds
  • Monitor multiple analytes/modifications simultaneously
  • Quantitative with Z-factors >0.8
  • Reaction volumes as low as 1 uL
  • Uses standard laboratory automation
  • Uses 384 and 1536 plate format

SAMDI Biochip Arrays

SAMDI Biochip Arrays

SAMDI biochip arrays are manufactured in 384 and 1536 formats and are compatible with standard laboratory automation. Each spot on the array uses a thin layer of gold with a self-assembled monolayer for controlled analyte capture. Samples remain on the spots during capture with no cross-contamination.

Example: SAMDI Deacetylase Assay

SAMDI Deacetylase Assay

Measuring Deacetylase Activity using SAMDI

An acetylated peptide substrate is subjected to a deacetylase reaction and immobilized to maleimide-terminated monolayers. SAMDI MS shows peptide yields acetylated and deacteylated peptide with a 42 da shift indicating the loss of the acetyl group.

Example: SAMDI Methyltransferase Assay

SAMDI Methylation Assay

Monitoring Multiple Methylation Events using SAMDI

A methylated peptide substrate is subjected to an arginine methyltransferase reaction and immobilized to maleimide-terminated monolayers. SAMDI MS reveals Un-, Mono- and Di-methylated products as monitored by a shift of 0, 14 or 28 Da.